Posen Spud Run

2019 Spud Run Information

Spud Run info from Mike Horn, Club President

SPUD RUN 2019 – Operation Plan
Based on responses received as of 1330 Friday September 6

The checkpoints to be manned are numbered. 
1)	 KE8DAF w. mobile rig and base antenna on mast near Race Committee tent. APRS
      1A)  W8LI - Turn on/off 4th Avenue from/to Start/Finish
      3A) AF5QX - Turn at State Street/634 and 3rd Avenue
5)	 W8KQ - Turn on/off R/R grade-State Trail
6)	 WB8TQZ - Turnaround ¾ mile down the State Trail
	 W8WLC – Golf cart chase vehicle with APRS

Checkpoints not presently manned will be filled in numerical order if additional personnel
show up.

We'll continue to use 146.535 Simplex in the same manner as we have in the past.

Talk-in will be on 147.02+/103.5 for any needing it.

H/T's have been sufficient in the past but if you wish to park your vehicle and use the mobile
rig,you are free to do so. Just be sure to keep clear of the course. 4-way flashers to alert
oncoming traffic  would also be a good idea.

There is expected to be an ambulance crew in attendance. We no longer have access to 800MHz
radio equipment. If an ambulance crew is needed, pass the word on the net frequency and alert
the ambulance by the best means at your disposal.

For the last two years net procedure has been quite good. As before,  if reporting an injured
participant have the following: Location, Description of victim (runner/walker, bib number, sex,
approximate age, injury). If the victim declines treatment, pass that along, too.

Fire Department personnel are again expected to be present on State Street/634
to deter fast or careless drivers.

Bring a reflective/high-visibility vest if you have one.  For anyone needing one for future
use, Fastenal on U.S. 23 North in Alpena has a good assortment of them. They also seem to be
more commonly available at other local sources than they used to be.

Weather is forecast to be partly sunny starting from a low of 48 degrees with a high temperature
for the day of 66 and wind NW 5-15. Good for runners, maybe a little cool for some of us. I’ll
be bringing a rain jacket for good luck in that department.

The race starts at 0900. Registration for the participants starts at 0800. I try to be there
and set up by that time. That would be a good time to plan on showing up. The last couple of
years we've moved out around 0830 in order to be on station by 0845. Since I'm walking down the
trail again this year, I don't want to be late getting started. We are usually finished
by 1015-1030.

I will stay around after the event to take any comments on what worked and what didn't.
We may also meet for coffee at McDonald’s in Rogers City if there is any interest.

Thanks again, 
Mike Horn WB8TQZ 

Original Word Doc version of above

Spud Run Operation Plan (Word Doc)

APRS Track of Rover KE8DAF-1 on Golf Cart trailing the runners


PICARC supported the Spud Run with Amateur Radio members stationed at various points along the route. The club provided communication resources to monitor and report any needed assistance.