Nautical Festival Run

2019 Nautical Festival Information

Nautical Festival info from Mike Horn, Club President

OPERATION PLAN – 2019 - Draft

Communications assets will be located along the route of the run at the positions indicated by
the circled numbers 1 to 7. The number of positions that will be filled is dependent on the
number of operators turning out.

Based on tests conducted after the April 27 meeting, it should be possible to use H/T's through
the 147.02+/103.5 repeater. An alternate of 146.58 Simplex, as used at the Posen Spud Run is the
next possibility. The repeater coverage will be checked again prior to race day.

Starting time is 0900. We'll be trying to get on station and organized between 0800 and 0830.
Traffic and parking might give you issues in trying to assemble at the Start/Finish point. We
should be able to coordinate things on the air. 

The run starts at 1st and Michigan (Avenue of Flags) and proceeds NW along 1st Street to
Superior Street. At that point it picks up the bike path that loops between the Sewage
Treatment Plant and the lake shore before coming back inland to continue behind the Calcite
Credit Union. When it gets to E. Friedrich Street it makes a short jog to the right then left
around between the Purple Martin and the Pumphouse. The path then continues to State Street
whereit makes a short jog left/right to run parallel to Lakeview. When the path gets to
Linden it continues across the street and passes the DPW garage (on the right) to head into
the park property located at Trout River. Marquette and Franklin will be crossed in this process
but they do not amount to much. There is to be a Fire Truck located where the trail exits on to
Forest Avenue. At Forest Avenue it turns to the right/East to begin the return trip. Forest is
followed to Lindenand Linden back South to Lakeview where the outbound path is picked up again.

Directional arrows will be painted, in Blue, with the legend “6K” at turning points

A water stop is indicated on Linden just past the turn off Forest.

As with the Spud Run, if you have a high-visibility vest bring and wear it.

H/T's with charged batteries and a spare pack are recommended if you're going this route.
If you want to park a mobile unit and use it, no problem.

We will be on the lookout for any injuries occurring and requiring assistance as well as any
problems with vehicle traffic. If you have the ability to spot and record runner bib numbers
it would be helpful in accounting for any possible missing/drop-out runners.

Any questions, please contact
Mike Horn WB8TQZ
147.02+/103.5 (I'll be monitoring as much as possible during the week)

Original Word Doc version of above

Nautical Festival Operation Plan (Word Doc)


PICARC supported the 2019 Nautical City 6K Run with Amateur Radio members stationed at various points along the route. The club provided communication resources to monitor and would have reported any needed assistance.